5.5 Simulator Results

1. Development in Action!

This section details a number of the example systems that I have put togther to show the power and versatility of this simulator. Most of the examples are inspired in some way by real biological systems. The first example is a comparison of this simulator with previous work done by another researcher who is attempting to use developmental biology as a model to grow complex systems. The next example is inspired by the morphogenetic furrows that occur during the formation of the drosophila retina. After that comes a project that reproduces one of the premier model systems in developmental biology, the achaete-scute lateral inhibition system. The goal of the next project was to reproduce the gene system involved in forming the ommitidia of drosophila. However, to save time this was simplified to just create something that forms a grid pattern. When I get a little more time I plan to go back and learn more of the details of how that real gene system works and attempt to reproduce it. The last example is a reproduction of the dorso-ventral patterning system that occurs in drosophila. I also plan to add one more example shortly that will reproduce the anterior-posterior patterning of the homeotic genes.

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